Import AND export your bets

As you might know, we’ve had an import function at quite some time and as you also might know, it’s been somewhat in beta during this time.

Today we’re happy to say that we’re leaving the beta version behind and that your imports should work just fine, as long as your file is set up according to the template that is needed.

Also, export your bets

We’ve also added an export function, letting you export all the bets you’ve registered at into a csv file, following the same template as the import.

This makes it easier for you to back up your data externally, as well as managing your bets in an Excel sheet or whatever tool you’d like to use to crunch your data in.

Both these features are available from the Settings page for all users.

Get paid for your bets

Big news today, as it is now possible for all you Pro subscribers to charge for other people to see your bets. Here’s how it works.

1. Choose how much you want to charge for your bets on your Settings page


2. When registering your next bet, check the “Charge X to see bet…” checkbox.


3. As someone wants to see the bet, he is asked to pay for the bet via PayPal. Most of the times he can choose to pay for the bet, a package per bet or for a subscription (depending on the value of the bet). As the payment has been made he has access to the full details, as usual.


4. will send you your part of the payment (75%!) as soon as you have reached a certain level.

Please read the terms available on your Settings page.

This is the absolute easiest and most lucrative way to get paid for your bets online today. Feel free to try it out today and if you have any questions whatsoever, just let us know and we’ll listen.

Cheers, and good luck!

Why you should keep track of your bets

If you’re a serious tipster, I’m sure you have a thought out strategy, an idea about if your losing or winning and what your strengths and weaknesses are. You probably have an idea of how how your money is spread at different bookmakers and what bookies are giving you the most in return.

But how do you really know?

There are many ways to keep track of your bets, be it in your memory, an old notebook or a complex Excel sheet – either way, if you really want to get better at sports betting, you really should keep track of at least the following:

  • How much have I won/lost?
  • What kind of bets am I making the most money from?
  • What sports have been most successful?
  • What leagues have been most successful?
  • What tipsters should I keep backing?
  • At what time am I making the most money?

Far, far from all tipsters are making money for real (the famous 3%), so make sure you are among those who do! Keeping track of your bets helps you understand why you are winning or losing.

There is only one way to improve in sports betting, and that is to learn from your, and others, history and to learn from history, you need to know it. is here to help you learn from your and other tipsters bets so that we all can win more and make more money.

If you want to read what other tipsters have to say about this topic, check out these blog posts:

New feature: Copy a bet

There’s lots of bets going around at, and once in a while you might stumble upon a bet that looks so good you wish you had placed it yourself. Right?

Chances are that you’ve also found a few tipsters to follow more closely to keep up with all of their bets and maybe back one of them every now and then.

At those moments, don’t you wish you could just use that bet with all the data without having to filling it all in again?

Well, happy days – now you can! On the bet page there’s now a Copy function that makes a new bet based on the information in that bet.


It’ll be a carbon copy of the bet, with the Tipster alias added to give the tipster some credit and to be able to get stats based on all the users you choose to back – because you do want to know who is performing the best, don’t you?


Note that it doesn’t have to be a user in in that field, you can enter blog names or websites that you follow if that’s what you want to track.

More stats
The stats pages have been updated with a new section – Tipsters.  Here you can see how your backed tipsters are performing lately and over time. Everything possible to filter down on your tags as usual of course, so you can see how they perform within each tag like #football, #over, #parlays, #2014 or whatever you choose to use (or combined of course).

This section is available for pro users, starting today!


Head on over to to see this latest feature. As always, just let us know if there’s anything you need. Happy betting!

New feature: Better overview of your money

The latest feature makes it easier for you to know where your money’s at. Simply by saying where you place your bets and how much money you have at each bookmaker, helps you keeping you in control of your balance at each bookie.

All you need to do is to add your bookies in the list on the Settings page. takes care of the rest. The next time a bet is settled, the balance at the bookie is updated with updated numbers and info. You can edit this manually whenever you like, of course, and you can add as many bookies as you like.

This is how it could look:


With this update, it’s also getting easier selecting bookie when registering a bet. Try it out and you’ll see!

Enjoy this latest feature, and as always – if you have any questions, we’re always available on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or email. Cheers!