How to automatically track bets you receive via email using Zapier

Are you subscribing to tipster and get the tips via email? Then you might be interested in getting those bets tracked automatically in

What you need

How it works

Basically, the process looks like this.

  1. You receive your tips in your inbox
  2. You forward the email to a separate Zapier email address
  3. Zapier extracts the data from the email
  4. Zapier sends the data to

An example

Let’s have a look at a real example. We’ll use an email from Quentin Franks Racing from Mars 10th, 2020.

Email example from Quentin Franks Racing
  1. Create a Zapier account if you don’t have one. You need a Starter account to use the app we need to send data to
  2. Create a Email Parser By Zapier mailbox. This is where you should forward your emails. When your first email have been sent to that mailbox, start marking up the different parts of the email with the data you want to extract. This is done differently for each tipster based on the design of the email they send.

    How to mark up the data you want in Email Parser By Zapier
  3. In Zapier, now choose “Make a zap”. A “zap” is something you want to do if something happens. In our case: When we receive an email, extract the data from it and use it to register at new bet at Choose “Email Parser by Zapier” as the app and “New Email” as the trigger.

    Make a zap in Zapier that triggers every time there’s a new email in your inbox
  4. Choose your account and mailbox and you should be able to find your email.

    Find the tipster email that you’ve forwarded
  5. Now we’re getting to the fun stuff. As the next step, choose Webhooks by Zapier and POST. Here you can select all the things you extracted from the email and add that to what you’re about to send to Exactly what should and could be sent to is documented in the API.
    Create a webhook that sends the data about the bet to

    Find the data that you marked as interesting in your email and add it to what we’re going to send to
  6. Once you’ve added all parts, the last thing we need to do is to enter your API key. It’s available on your Settings page, under API. Under “Headers” in your zap, add your bettings-api-key.
    Get your API key

    Add your API key to the request
  7. You’re done! Once all the required fields are filled, you should be able to send a test to and the bet should be registered in your account.


There are many ways to extract data from your emails and all tipsters are using their own format, so be prepared to do some trial and error to get things to work.

There are also many other apps you could use to extract data: Mailparser for email and Apify to scrape data from websites for example.

Now that you’ve understood the basics of how it could work, you should be able fo free up some of the time you use tracking your bets. Good luck!

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