New feature: Charge for your bets

As you might have noticed, we recently released a new feature for a a few selected users – the possibility to charge a fee for a bet. The idea  is that those of you who are running some kind of betting service or just would like to charge a minor fee for people to take part of your tips should be able to do so straight from

Above is an example of what you see when a user has selected to charge for a bet, in this case 30 NOK. The payment is done via PayPal and once the payment is done you get access to the bet as usual and can select to place the bet with your bookie of choice. if you’re logged in to, you can of course also copy the bet and add it to your bets right away to keep track of the stats.

The feature is restricted to a few selected partners to start with and one of those you might want to check out is one-liner, who has nailed 9 of his first 10 bets. Check out his profile and follow him on Twitter to not risk missing any of his tips.

If you’re interested in hearing more about this feature and set it up for your own account, let us know. Also if you have any thoughts or ideas around it, we’re all ears. We’re pretty sure this could be of interest for many of you.

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