New feature: Copy a bet

There’s lots of bets going around at, and once in a while you might stumble upon a bet that looks so good you wish you had placed it yourself. Right?

Chances are that you’ve also found a few tipsters to follow more closely to keep up with all of their bets and maybe back one of them every now and then.

At those moments, don’t you wish you could just use that bet with all the data without having to filling it all in again?

Well, happy days – now you can! On the bet page there’s now a Copy function that makes a new bet based on the information in that bet.


It’ll be a carbon copy of the bet, with the Tipster alias added to give the tipster some credit and to be able to get stats based on all the users you choose to back – because you do want to know who is performing the best, don’t you?


Note that it doesn’t have to be a user in in that field, you can enter blog names or websites that you follow if that’s what you want to track.

More stats
The stats pages have been updated with a new section – Tipsters.  Here you can see how your backed tipsters are performing lately and over time. Everything possible to filter down on your tags as usual of course, so you can see how they perform within each tag like #football, #over, #parlays, #2014 or whatever you choose to use (or combined of course).

This section is available for pro users, starting today!


Head on over to to see this latest feature. As always, just let us know if there’s anything you need. Happy betting!

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