A more personal profile

One of the first things you see when you log in or visit another user’s bets is the short profile. This one has gotten a small upgrade, and now includes a picture, imported from you social network of choice, if you have one connected.

It also includes links to your Twitter and Facebook profiles if you have those connected. Don’t miss to update your description!

Here’s an example of how it may look.


Please note that you might need to log out and in again to get the correct image to show.

A story of 1000 bets

It’s been about a year since we launched Bettin.gs, and I wanted  to share some of my personal experiences using the service, by the numbers, just as I’ve passed 1000 bets.

I’ve been into sports and betting as long as I’ve could and even though I’ve had the feeling, like most tipsters have, that I was winning, or at least not losing much money and that I knew more about football and hockey than the average person, I was not sure whether I was correct or where I was the most and least successful.

So last year, I founded Bettin.gs and started tracking every single bet I made. Here’s the result.


It started out great, but somewhere around the play-off in the world cup of football something turned and I had a couple of rough months. Variations like that will happen, so let’s take a deeper look into the bets.

I’ve learned that based on all my bets, with a return of investment on 104%, I could see that I wasn’t losing much, I sure wasn’t making much either. Not compared to the time I was spending on this hobby of mine.

I went on analysing my bets, checking the tags I’ve used, if I had a favourite bookie or tipster and so on. Luckily I’ve been good at tagging my bets, and as I went through the tags, I found that when it comes to #live bets, it looked like this.


Turns out my habit of watching all those games has taught me a thing or two on how games usually develop. An ROI of 123% was quite a bit more than I expected. Combine a few more tags and I can see that #live betting in the #Premier League shows a brutal 129% ROI and #live and #england shows 131% ROI in 45 football bets.


That and the fact that I’ve found out what blogs and Twitter people that are worth following (by entering their name in the alias field), my plan is surely to go on tagging my bets and track the progress for at least another year and see how I can make even more money on this betting thing.

To summarize, the two most used stats by me, by far, is the ROI section, the tags section and the tipsters section. I’m aware that this is only the beginning and that keeps me motivated, making it worthwhile to keep using the service for a long time to come.

Expect lower stakes pre-game and max stakes bets in-game.

Better login and social integration

On Bettin.gs you’ve always been able to login in with either Twitter or Facebook and sharing your bets to those social networks. It’s a core of the idea of our service.

We’ve now improved that functionality so you no matter if you’ve signed up using email, Twitter or Facebook, you can still add more services later. Just go to your profile page, choose to add your  Twitter or Facebook account and you’re good to go, as soon as you’ve authorized the service. You can then share your bets to both networks if you like.

We’ve also made it easier for you to stay signed in, so you don’t have to login as often and you don’t need to worry about losing your connection to Twitter when registering a bet for example. You can actually stay signed in basically the whole day without problems.

So, there you go. Log in, stay logged in and keep sharing your bets. Hope you like it!

New feature: Copy a bet

There’s lots of bets going around at Bettin.gs, and once in a while you might stumble upon a bet that looks so good you wish you had placed it yourself. Right?

Chances are that you’ve also found a few tipsters to follow more closely to keep up with all of their bets and maybe back one of them every now and then.

At those moments, don’t you wish you could just use that bet with all the data without having to filling it all in again?

Well, happy days – now you can! On the bet page there’s now a Copy function that makes a new bet based on the information in that bet.


It’ll be a carbon copy of the bet, with the Tipster alias added to give the tipster some credit and to be able to get stats based on all the users you choose to back – because you do want to know who is performing the best, don’t you?


Note that it doesn’t have to be a Bettin.gs user in in that field, you can enter blog names or websites that you follow if that’s what you want to track.

More stats
The stats pages have been updated with a new section – Tipsters.  Here you can see how your backed tipsters are performing lately and over time. Everything possible to filter down on your tags as usual of course, so you can see how they perform within each tag like #football, #over, #parlays, #2014 or whatever you choose to use (or combined of course).

This section is available for pro users, starting today!


Head on over to Bettin.gs to see this latest feature. As always, just let us know if there’s anything you need. Happy betting!

Introducing pro accounts

Here’s a nice little thing if you want to have that little extra out of Bettin.gs – pro accounts. It’s a subscription service that gives you access to more stats, extra features and the removal of ads.

To start with, it means that you get an ad free experience, which means a cleaner look all over the service with no distractions that keeps you from doing what you want to do, and nothing else (but yeah, don’t worry – there’s still the bonus page if you’re looking to recharge your bookie accounts).

It also means that, since we remove the ads that can sometimes be a bit resource heavy, the pages will load faster, which is a #win of course.

On top of that, it also gives you some sweet features like

  • Stats per tag – see what tagged bets perform the best during the latest year, month or week
  • Stats per tipster – see which of all the tipsters you back that are really worth it. This can be combined with tag as well as date filtering of course.
  • Direct access to all bets ever placed from the latest bets page (non-pro users can only see the latest 20)
  • More treats coming…

And not least, you help keep Bettin.gs running and getting better every day.

The price for the pro service is just $9 per month.

We have great plans for our pro users and you can expect more powerful integrations with bookies and even more detailed, useful stats in the future.

Stay tuned, and sign up for a pro account now!