Fractional odds

While the most common way to enter and display odds, at least on, is in the decimal format (like 3.5), many people prefer the fractional way (like 5/2).

Good news is, from today you can choose your preferred way yourself. If you want to switch to show odds in fractional format, head to your Settings page and look for this setting.

Once you’ve pressed save, all odds on the site will be shown in the selected format. By the way, you can enter the odds in any format you like, but how they will be displayed is decided by this setting.

Enjoy this little update!

Even better multiples

Adding a multiple (or parlay, if you prefer) is as easy as checking a box already and now we’ve made things even a bit better.

What’s changed is the way they’re handled after they have been registered and when the different bets needs to be settled. Until now, all you could change was the status of the main bet – all partial bets was just for extra info. This could cause some headache in cases when you’ve for example locked your main bet and one of the partial bets ends in a draw that affects the starting odds.

Now you can set the status of a partial bet and then the main bet gets updated accordingly. For example, if a partial bet ends in a half win, gets voided or if you delete it, the main bet’s information gets updated with new odds, result and date/time if needed. 

This is what you might see when you select to edit a bet that are a part of a multiple:


You can set the status of the partial bets straight from the list, just as usual, and the main bet gets updated with new results. 

This is what you might see for a multiple bet. Click the status to change, just as in the usual list of bets:


Enjoy this little improvement. More are to come shortly!

Introducing pro accounts

Here’s a nice little thing if you want to have that little extra out of – pro accounts. It’s a subscription service that gives you access to more stats, extra features and the removal of ads.

To start with, it means that you get an ad free experience, which means a cleaner look all over the service with no distractions that keeps you from doing what you want to do, and nothing else (but yeah, don’t worry – there’s still the bonus page if you’re looking to recharge your bookie accounts).

It also means that, since we remove the ads that can sometimes be a bit resource heavy, the pages will load faster, which is a #win of course.

On top of that, it also gives you some sweet features like

  • Stats per tag – see what tagged bets perform the best during the latest year, month or week
  • Stats per tipster – see which of all the tipsters you back that are really worth it. This can be combined with tag as well as date filtering of course.
  • Direct access to all bets ever placed from the latest bets page (non-pro users can only see the latest 20)
  • More treats coming…

And not least, you help keep running and getting better every day.

The price for the pro service is just $9 per month.

We have great plans for our pro users and you can expect more powerful integrations with bookies and even more detailed, useful stats in the future.

Stay tuned, and sign up for a pro account now!


Our latest addition to is tagging of bets. For each bet you register, you can choose to tag it with something that represent that bet or that type of bet, or basically whatever you find meaningful. You can add as many tags as you like to a bet, and you can tag historic as well as new bet.

What does this mean?

More than giving the bets extra meaning, this also provides for far more useful stats. For example, you can choose to see all bets tagged with “football”, “premierleague” or “NHL” to track your progress in those leagues. Or you can combine them – let’s say if you want to see stats for all your live bets in NHL this year, so you filter the stats on the tags “live”, “NHL” and “2014”. Provided you have tagged your bets accordingly, you can see as detailed stats as you like. It’s up to you. You want to keep sports and years separated? Just tag them as you like!

We’ve tried to make tagging as easy as we possibly could, so as you start using tags, suggests and auto-completes tags you’ve used before so there’s a minimal risk of redundant or misspelled tags. Entering tags should be super-easy.

We hope you enjoy our latest update. Send all questions and suggestions to us at the usual social places!

New feature: Better overview of your money

The latest feature makes it easier for you to know where your money’s at. Simply by saying where you place your bets and how much money you have at each bookmaker, helps you keeping you in control of your balance at each bookie.

All you need to do is to add your bookies in the list on the Settings page. takes care of the rest. The next time a bet is settled, the balance at the bookie is updated with updated numbers and info. You can edit this manually whenever you like, of course, and you can add as many bookies as you like.

This is how it could look:


With this update, it’s also getting easier selecting bookie when registering a bet. Try it out and you’ll see!

Enjoy this latest feature, and as always – if you have any questions, we’re always available on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or email. Cheers!


The latest update to is one of your most requested ones – the possibility to register multiple bets, also known as parlays.

We’ve tried to make it as easy and obvious as possible to register, so all you need to do is to mark your new bet as a multiple when registering.


After that, you can continue to add as many bets as you like to the multiple. All bets you add will be visible in the list below. The odds for the multiple will be automatically calculated, so all you need to enter is the stake for the multiple and, if you want to, the bookie. When you’re done, just push the button to add the multiple and voilá, you’re done.


Naturally, the stats will be based on the multiple and not the individual bets, but you can still see and change the information about those as well. That’s just for information though, and doesn’t affect the stats.


We will finetune this functionality over the next few days and would love your feedback. We’re on Twitter, Facebook and email as always. Enjoy!

The future of

For the last few days, we’ve been working on smaller improvements on the site to make sure it works as planned. This is things like bug fixes and design tweaks, but also some new functionality, such as

  • Improved statistics – it’s now possible to see the accumulated ROI and profit. You can also filter to see stats for last month and last year, which might be convenient in a few months
  • Better social integration. It’s really easy to share your bets to Twitter and Facebook, also after a bet is made. You can  share someone else’s bet on too, like on
  • We’ve also put som small ads on the site. We hope they won’t be in the way. It’s our way of making sure we can keep the service alive for a long, long time.


This is what we have on the agenda in the future for, other than continuos improvements:

  • Multiple bets. is optimized for single bets today, but we plan to make it possible to add multiples.
  • Multiple sportsbooks. We know many of you have several sportsbooks, for example one for each sport, one for live games etc. We’re thinking about adding this feature, or solve it in some other way, maybe tagging bets.
  • Automatic correction of bets. We think it’s unnecessary that you should need to update the stats yourself. We all know the result anyway, right? So does the Internet so we might as well update the status for you so you don’t have to.
  • A better onboarding experience. We want to make it 100% clear what the service is and what is does for you.
  • Other fixes, like locking a bet for future changes, re-bet another players bet, follow another player and even more stats.

The most important question is: what would you want from It’s still early and you have all the possibilities to make a difference here. Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook if you have an idea!