Interview with Goal Trader Syndicate

We’re happy to have gotten a few words with the users top of Hall of Fame at the moment with a mighty 97,3% ROI from 257 bets dating back to December last year – known as Goal Trader Syndicate.

Tell us a bit about yourselves

We are Chloe & Robert – the people behind ’Goal Trader Syndicate’ on

Based in the UK and into sports both from a participation and betting perspective.

How long have you been into sports betting?

As as a hobby since around 2005 but in late 2013 we decided to focus on a small number of sports and adopt a more disciplined, mathematical approach. Today we bet and trade through exchanges and a few bookmakers. Most of our accounts are limited/restricted which although frustrating is a big compliment to get from a bookmaker as they simply don’t want your business. There’s only one reason for that – they don’t think you’ll make a loss long term.

What sports do you bet on primarily?

Horse Racing (UK) and occasionally tennis for our own private trading. Racing is high variance but the large odds offer significant opportunities to identify value and capitalise before significant market movements in the hours before the scheduled start time.

How would you describe your approach to betting on that sport?

The aim is simple – identify markets that present value and consequently will deliver profit long term. It’s important to not focus on whether a bet won or lost. When trading high odds (such as 10/1 or above) look at whether it presented value. If your selection loses by a neck to the odds on favourite it’s vital not be disappointed but instead focus on the fact that you were successful in terms of finding and backing a high value selection. We are great believers in this approach as it allows us to stick with the same philosophy and remain discplined when it comes to bankroll management.

What would you say is the hardest part of sports betting?

The aforementioned bankroll management. Many of our followers struggle to remain focused on the long term results. We were also guilty of this when we first started betting. Say 2-3 bets lose in a row (which will happen with a sport like horse racing) it’s tempting to raise the stake size for subsequent bets. In other words chase losses which inevitably leads to trouble. Measure profit over months and years – not days and weeks. We have achieved a Return on Investment (ROI) close to 100% with our tracked bets on but during that time there have been bad runs. If we had thrown away the concept of bankroll management at any stage our overall results would no doubt be siginifantly worse.

How long have you been using

We have various accounts to track different sports and services but first joined a few years ago.

How has helped you in your betting?

Its a flexible, reliable tracking platform. We personally like the fact we can enter the odds. Many other platforms only allow you to select prices from a small range of bookmakers directly. On we can enter the odds from exchanges so the profit tracked is exactly the same as that achieved (even commission is factored in automatically)

Do you have any advice on how to follow your bets?

We publish all advised bets for horse racing each evening before the race day. So if you wish to follow our advisory you can gain access at There is always plenty of notice given. As briefly discussed earlier though if betting with bookmakers expect limitations to be applied to your account. We would highly recommend trading via exchanges such as Betfair, BETDAQ & Smarkets to avoid these restrictions and often get higher odds.

Do you have any final advice to people trying to make money from betting?

Measure success over a decent time period – at least months. The mistake many make is getting bogged down in day to day performance. You can back a horse that presents great value for odds of 20/1. If you got those odds you will likely beat the SP and that bet can be considered a success. However the most likely outcome is still that horse will lose but long term bets with that mathematical edge will yield profit.

On on the subject of SP (Starting Price) this is another interesting area when it comes to horse racing. There are various members of the syndicate who never actually wait for the race result. They simply back our selections when added to the night before the race and then trade it on the day of the race. The idea being that the odds will have fallen (shortened) and so the exchange cashout feature will deliver profit. It’s not rare for our bets to be at 10/1 the night before but when the race starts to have fallen to 6/1 – 7/1 so there is siginifant potential in this strategy.

SBC Awards

As you might know, was nominated in the SBC Awards in the category “Best betting website”. I want to thank you all who voted, and while our service didn’t manage to beat the big boys this time, I’d recommend you to take part of the results. There’s some quite interesting stuff in there.

My favorite category “Worst bookmaker” makes for some fascinating reading, not least!

Best bookmaker

Nice to see Betfair, which drives much of functionality up there.

Gold: Bet365
Silver: Betfair
Bronze: Pinnacle Sports

Best betting website

Here’s our category. No bad company to be in, that’s for sure.

1. Gee Geez
2. Sporting Life
3. Oddschecker

Worst bookmaker award

Gold: Ladbrokes
Silver: Stan James
Bronze: Boylesports

New partner: Sportmarket Pro

If you’re serious about betting and tired of keep looking around for the best odds or finding enough liquidity to place your bets, Sportmarket Pro is for you. 

Sportmarket Pro is a bet broker service, helping you as a bettor to get access to the best bookmakers in the world from a single interface. They’re not a bookmaker themselves, they just help you place the bets where you get the best odds, making the value work in your favour.

Note that Sportmarket Pro is not for the small players – the smallest bet allowed is €50 or equivalent in your currency. If you’re ready to take the step from a hobby player to investing in sports, Sportmarket Pro is a must-have for you.

Check out the Sportmarket Pro website and sign up today!

Get paid for your bets

Big news today, as it is now possible for all you Pro subscribers to charge for other people to see your bets. Here’s how it works.

1. Choose how much you want to charge for your bets on your Settings page


2. When registering your next bet, check the “Charge X to see bet…” checkbox.


3. As someone wants to see the bet, he is asked to pay for the bet via PayPal. Most of the times he can choose to pay for the bet, a package per bet or for a subscription (depending on the value of the bet). As the payment has been made he has access to the full details, as usual.


4. will send you your part of the payment (75%!) as soon as you have reached a certain level.

Please read the terms available on your Settings page.

This is the absolute easiest and most lucrative way to get paid for your bets online today. Feel free to try it out today and if you have any questions whatsoever, just let us know and we’ll listen.

Cheers, and good luck!

Get ready for football season!

Here’s something we shared in the newsletter yesterday, which I’m also sure many of you that missed it are curious about. 

New football seasons are about to start and we’re very lucky to have our friends over at Secret Betting Club to do the hard work for us. They’ve put together a 6-part guide will help you find the best tipsters, systems, bookmakers & exchanges to make the new season a success for you.

Part 1 is the SPORTS TIPSTER PROFIT REPORT, containing the following:

  • The Best Sports Tipster Of All Time
  • The Best Sports Tipster Of The Past 12 Months
  • The Best ‘Betting Bank Growth’ Sports Tipster

Part 2, FOOTBALL TIPSTERS: 2016/17 SEASON GUIDE, consists of

  • Exclusive Interviews With 13 Expert Tipsters
  • Detailed Individual Tipster Ratings
  • Their ‘Hall of Fame’ New Season Recommendations

Both Parts 1 and 2 are out now, whilst parts 3, 4, 5 & 6 of the Essential Football Betting Compendium will be released in the next fortnight.

Sign-up to SBC now to receive all 6 parts as they are published

Parts 3, 4, 5 & 6 of the Essential Football Betting Compendium will be released in the next few weeks and cover all bases. Here is what is inside each:

Part 3: Tipster Review 1: An exclusive review of the fantastic Brazilian Football Tipster that SBC have been tracking for 18 months – during which time he has scooped a 7.5% ROI from more than 750 Asian Handicap bets. 

Part 4: Tipster Review 2: Another exclusive review, this time of the FREE Football Tipster with a fantastic 12% ROI record in the European Leagues – especially in the Correct Score markets. SBC have a full interview with him plus details on how you can follow for free during the whole of the 16/17 season.

Part 5: Tipster Review 3: Their third and final review hones in on the amazing Football ‘Loophole’ Tipster, who made £2302 profit from just £3006 staked in 2015/16. He utilises bookie specials, accas and shrewd low-risk bets to make easy profits. It’s an ideal service for new SBC members and for those of you looking for something different.

Part 6: Best Bookmaker Report: Read about the 4 betting exchanges and brokers you need to use – those that offer the best, most competitive odds and lowest commission rates. Includes exclusive interviews, reviews and analysis on each option.

Sign-up to SBC now to receive all 6 parts as they are published

Thought on Cashing Out

I’m sure you’ve all seen or used the option to ”cash out” before the event you’re betting on is over. It’s a very convenient way for you to secure a profit or reduce your losses and calm your nerves at the same time. It’s all good, right?


What’s happening is that the bookies are using your insecurity to increase their margins even more. It’s actually one of the smartest things the bookies have come up with in a pretty long time.

How do they do this? 

Most of the time, someone making a bet with the bookies are betting on very small margins and, as you know, most of the time the odds are in the bookies favour. Now, as they are able to offer you another bet, you can be sure that the odds they’re offering you to use for ”cash out” aren’t even close to the true odds for the market at the time, and so the potential margin you once had on the bookmaker is most definitely gone.

So what to do?

What you should do is treat the market you’re betting on the same way as you did before it went live. You wouldn’t dream of placing a bet without comparing different bookmakers odds before the game, so why would you do that during the game even if there’s a big green flashing button with definitive winning sums written all over it?

If you must bet against your initial bet (which is actually what’s happening), shop around to find the best price, or better yet, if you’re using exchanges, lay the bet at the price you think it’s worth to give yourself a fair chance and fair odds.

Don’t fall into the trap and let one bookmaker dictate the odds for you for the sake of simplicity. Make sure you get the correct value by playing them against each other, or use betting exchanges like Betfair or Smarkets to make sure you get the odds you want and deserve!

Betfair bonus

As you probably know by now, we’ve recently released the possibility to register Lay bets, which makes tracking your trades even easier. The nice thing with this is that if you’re an active Betfair user you can get all your bets into quite easily.

If you’re not a Betfair user yet, we’re happy to offer you a kickstart with a 100% deposit bonus up to €200, or 2000 SEK if you’re a Sweden resident.

We highly recommend that you get a Betfair account as a complementary option to your usual bookies. If you’re serious about your betting, you owe it to yourself to at least try and see if it’s for you and how you could use an exchange to help you make more money, so why not at least start using their Sportsbook and then take the step to the exchange and start trading?

Sign up now and start using Betfair by choosing an option below.

I’m using Betfair in Sweden →

I’m an international* user →


‘offer is valid for people in Norway, Romania, Netherlands, Croatia, Austria, Iceland and  Andorra

Lay bets

if you’re using exchanges like Betfair, Betdaq or our new favourite Smarkets, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve added for laying bets att

To do this, you simply enter the same information about the event you’re betting on, but before you press “Add this bet”, select Lay in the Type drop down and you’re done.


Lay bets, or betting against an outcome, uses another calculation for ROI and of course another way of calculating the result. That’s nothing you need to worry about though, since it still all is done automatically once you settle or update a bet.

This feature will be eventually be available for Pro users only, but it’s open to everyone for a few days to let you try it out.

Good luck with your trades and let us know how it works out for you! 

Hall of Fame

After using for a while, improving your numbers and stats, perhaps overheard someone’s stats or ROI on Twitter or found a user to follow, I bet you’re wondering how you stack up compared to other users or wondering who the top users at the moment are.

Well, wonder no more. Last week we released the brand new Hall of Fame section, listing the most successful users (i.e. the ones with the highest ROI) in one place. The Hall of Fame is divided into top users of all time and from last month respectively, to help you find who’s succeeding over time and who’s hot right now.

Here’s how it looks:

As you see, the top 5 user are listed, with the possibility to dive deeper into the top 25 list. Stats for each user are listed together with a link to their full profile and all bets.

Why not have a look and see if you find a user worth following or see where you’ve placed at the moment. Find out now →

Top users for last week and the possibility to only show active users are coming shortly.

Free SBC Magazine

To help showcase how the Secret Betting Club can help your betting, they have put together an updated FREE SBC Magazine for you to download today.

It features their recent reviews of 2 profitable tipsters (1 football and 1 racing) plus an interview with one of the most popular and admired racing experts in the business.

What you can find inside this updated free magazine

1. Full length Review of the Racing Gold Tipping Service

After a lengthy spell of proofing, read SBC’s concise analysis on this profitable racing tipster up 464 points profit in 3 years from 3919 bets. Best of all, these tips have been settled at prices available on Betfair so offer a potential solution for those of you unable to bet with bookmakers.

2. Full length Review of the Soccer Tip Service

Earlier this year, SBC unveiled their review of this over 2.5 goals football tipster, who has impressed  greatly with their profitability and ease of following since proofing began in 2012. Over the past 7 months alone, they have notched up 47 points profit at 14% ROI from 225 bets and have a long-term record of substance.

3. An Interview With The UK’s Most Popular Tipster

Wayne from the Northern Monkey Punter tipping service is one of the most popular and foremost experts when it comes to advising bets on horse racing, generating fair profits year-in, year-out for his loyal followers. To understand just how he makes money from his betting, you can read SBC’s interview with him from earlier this year on the secrets behind his punting success!

More Free Reviews, Reports & Racing Tips!

If you want to read more free SBC reviews and expert features, you can do so by registering for a Free Secret Betting Club Membership today.

Registering is quick and easy – with no catch or payment details required. Here are just a few of the freebies on offer…

  • Free Bonus SBC Magazine – Download a 2nd FREE SBC Magazine featuring 2 more profitable tipster reviews and advice from semi-pro punters making their betting pay.
  • Free Tipster Profit Report – Download a free copy of this popular report and learn how they track more than 60 profitable tipsters on SBC member’s behalf.
  • Free USA Tipster Report – Pick up a free copy of their special US based sports reports featuring 2 tipster reviews and a how to guide to betting on NBA.