What we’re working on

Just a quick note on what’s coming next here at Bettin.gs:

  • Manage your settings in an easier way. Organize your tags, tipsters and bookies to get full control over your bets. You will be able to easily add, edit and delete all of these.
  • Add your private notes about each tipster to remember your staking plan, strategy or other ideas about them.
  • Set a starting bank to gain full control over your bankroll.  This will also be used to calculate Return on Capital later on.
  • More stats. More beautiful stats.
    • Check your ROC for each tipster or your entire portfolio.
    • Compare several tipsters, sports, odds intervals etc in the same graph.
    • Keep check of drawdowns per tipster, sport etc. What the biggest losing run you or any of your tipster has been on? Knowing that helps to know how big starting bank you need to set aside.

More stuff will come, but this is what to expect in a very near future. More details will come as soon as things are getting ready.

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