Hall of Fame

After using Bettin.gs for a while, improving your numbers and stats, perhaps overheard someone’s stats or ROI on Twitter or found a user to follow, I bet you’re wondering how you stack up compared to other users or wondering who the top users at the moment are.

Well, wonder no more. Last week we released the brand new Hall of Fame section, listing the most successful users (i.e. the ones with the highest ROI) in one place. The Hall of Fame is divided into top users of all time and from last month respectively, to help you find who’s succeeding over time and who’s hot right now.

Here’s how it looks:

As you see, the top 5 user are listed, with the possibility to dive deeper into the top 25 list. Stats for each user are listed together with a link to their full profile and all bets.

Why not have a look and see if you find a user worth following or see where you’ve placed at the moment. Find out now →

Top users for last week and the possibility to only show active users are coming shortly.

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