UI improvements

As you surely know, we’re updating small parts of the design of the site all the time, and today we have another couple of examples to share.

Total amount from all bookies

On the Settings page you are able to see the total mount you have at the different bookies you use. This is updated automatically based on all the bets you make and has been available for a  long time. Today we’re adding the possibility to see the total amount from all bookies so you always know how big your total wallet is. Check the bottom of the list of bookies to see the total.

Multiple bets preview

We’re also adding this little feature: For all multiple bets in the list, keep your pointer over the bet to see what games are included in the multiple. This could be handy if you just want a preview of the bets instead of seeing all details.

Hope you enjoy these little updates. Stay tuned for more!

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