Secret Betting Club

If you’ve been following on Twitter and Facebook lately, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve mentioned Secret Betting Club a couple of times. The reason we’re doing that right now is that they’re giving away their Fink Tank system adapted for Copa America for free as we speak. There’s still much action to go in the tournament, so I thought we’d dwell a little deeper into what the system actually can do for you.

Here’s their own description:

Our primary goal at the Secret Betting Club is to help ordinary people make money betting and a really simple way to do this is through our proven football system, which you can use during the Copa America tournament.

This system itself is based on the very profitable Fink Tank football ratings, which we have been tracking and utilising for several years at the Secret Betting Club.

This system has a track record of success with a profit of £465.17 to £25 stakes during the 2014 World Cup and a profit of £262 to £25 stakes in the 2010 World Cup. Further profits have been made on Domestic English football, including in the 2014/15 season, when the Fink Tank System outperformed many of its rivals.

Basically what it does is analyzing the games beforehand and gives an (historically very reliable) probability of results  and let’s you compare that probability to available odds and an opportunity to act.

Get the Copa America system here

We would also like to recommend the SBC service in big, which includes a vibrant forum with quite a free tips and tipster service trials. The best part though is for you who are on the look for new tipsters to follow, as SBC regularly reviews a big amount of tipster services covering primarily horse racing and football, but also American sport tipsters to name a few. On top of the reviews, they’re offering discounts on many of their recommended tipsters.

Go have a look and decide if you want to sign up or not. It’s an affiliate link, so it’ll also give us at a small piece back. We’re pretty sure you’ll like it. SBC has been making us quite a bit of cash on the side for a while now.

Here’s the link again: Secret Betting Club

Good luck!

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