Improved multiples

Lately we’ve been on the hunt for speed throughout the site, and one part of that involves improving the way we’re handling multiples. Of course, we couldn’t keep our hands away from a few of the things that we know could work better so we made a lot of changes both under and over the hood.



So, apart from that everything runs a little faster and smoother, we’ve fixed the following things that have been bugging some of you a bit.

  • The stake is not forgotten. It’s still there in the multiple bet after you’ve saved your first bet.
  • Neither is the sport or tipster. remembers what the information you entered and transfers it to the multiple. Though, if you enter different tipsters and sports in the different bets, we won’t enter any info.

Remember, the information that you enter on each bet on the multiple is just for information. It is not included in the calculation of stats. Only the information you enter for the multiple itself is used for that.

That’s also part of the reason that we’ve removed some info from the bet
that are part of the multiple bet. It’s probably more confusing than
helpful to be able to enter stake, result or bookie for each bet.


Always looking to improve things. Try it out, you might just like it!

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