Tips: How to use tags

One of the finest features of is the use of tags. Using them in a smart way makes it easy and efficient for you to  analyze your bets afterwards as well as finding just that bet you’re looking for.

Whether your already using them and need some inspiration or just want to get started, here are a few tips.

When placing a new bet, check out the Tags field. That’s where you enter the tags you want to use. If you’ve used tags before, it helps you to auto-complete among those tags.


A few ways you can take advantage of this for your bets:

1. Tag by type of bet

If you want to keep your Asian Handicap or “Draw no bet” bets apart from your spread bets, tag them #asianhandicap, #drawnobet or just #ah or #dnb. This will make it possible for you to compare them to each other to see wether it’s a good idea to use either of them or not.

Perhaps you want to follow up your winnings on parlays compared to your single bets. If so, tag those multiples #parlay, #double, #triple or whichever suits your style most.

You can then use the tag filter on the stats page, as well as on the bets page.


2. Tag by country

Chances are you are placing bets in a number of competitions in a number of countries and if you want to keep track of the progress in the different ones, tagging them something like #england, #germany or #asia could be one option.

3. Tag by league

It’s probably pretty likely that you’re not placing all the bets in the same league or even the same sport for those countries, so it might be good idea to tag your bets with the appropriate competetion, for example #division1, #premierleague or #lowerleagues. Again, it’s all depending on your needs and type of bets.

4. Combine your tags

Now, the best thing is that you can add how many tags that you like for each bet. That means that you can tag all your English Premier League games with #england and #premierleage and you can keep your NHL bets apart from your AHL ones by tagging them both #americanhockey but adding #nhl and #ahl respectively. That gives you the option to see your stats for all hockey by just filtering on sport, all american hockey by filtering on sport plus #americanhockey as well as just for the NHL part by filtering on sport and then #nhl.

You can combine your tags in any way you want, so the more information you add to your bets, the bigger are your options to analyze them in detail. Of course, you can always go back to add your tags on historic bets if you find a new need or a favorite filter.

Note that as we’re currently improving the filter solution, the possibility to combine the filters has been temporarily removed but will return in a very near future. Until then, check your tags one at a time.

If you have any tips on how you use your tags or would like to see them used, feel free to share it!

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