New stats page

As you might have noticed, we’ve just launched a brand new stats page. The page is now headlined by an interactive graph that let’s you know how you’ve been doing month by month, or day by day if you so choose. As you move your mouse cursor over the graph, you get more detailed information about that point in time.

All the stats is possible to filter down on the following parameters:
– Date
– Min odds
– Max odds
– Min stake
– Max stake
– Sport
– Bookie
– Tipster (pro users only)
– Tag (pro users only)

We believe this will be a powerful tool for you to use to find out where your money is actually coming from.

While the graph gives you an overview of your profit and return on investment over the chosen time period, as you scroll down on the page you will sse loads of more useful data. You will find how much you’ve staked and how much you’ve won in both your unit of measurement and per cent.

You’ll also see more graphs how you’ve placed your bets, divided per outcome (won, loss, push etc), sport and bookie. This visualises the type of plays you make and where you’re money’s going.

At the bottom of the page, there are also a group of complementing lists, showing miscellaneous stats, the top tipsters you follow, your top sports and top bookies. The last three lists require a pro account.

While the new stats page is available to all suers for free, there is value in going for a pro account. You will get access to the following stats:
– ROI graph
– Filter on tipster
– Filter on tag
– Top list of the tipsters you’ve backed
– Top list of sports
– Top list of bookies
– plus: no ads!

A pro account costs no more than $9/month, and if you sign up today, you will get the first month for free. No strings attached, cancel any time. Feel free to sign up from the link on your profile page.

Let us know what you think and if there’s anything else you’d like to see on a stats page like this. Cheers!

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