A story of 1000 bets

It’s been about a year since we launched Bettin.gs, and I wanted  to share some of my personal experiences using the service, by the numbers, just as I’ve passed 1000 bets.

I’ve been into sports and betting as long as I’ve could and even though I’ve had the feeling, like most tipsters have, that I was winning, or at least not losing much money and that I knew more about football and hockey than the average person, I was not sure whether I was correct or where I was the most and least successful.

So last year, I founded Bettin.gs and started tracking every single bet I made. Here’s the result.


It started out great, but somewhere around the play-off in the world cup of football something turned and I had a couple of rough months. Variations like that will happen, so let’s take a deeper look into the bets.

I’ve learned that based on all my bets, with a return of investment on 104%, I could see that I wasn’t losing much, I sure wasn’t making much either. Not compared to the time I was spending on this hobby of mine.

I went on analysing my bets, checking the tags I’ve used, if I had a favourite bookie or tipster and so on. Luckily I’ve been good at tagging my bets, and as I went through the tags, I found that when it comes to #live bets, it looked like this.


Turns out my habit of watching all those games has taught me a thing or two on how games usually develop. An ROI of 123% was quite a bit more than I expected. Combine a few more tags and I can see that #live betting in the #Premier League shows a brutal 129% ROI and #live and #england shows 131% ROI in 45 football bets.


That and the fact that I’ve found out what blogs and Twitter people that are worth following (by entering their name in the alias field), my plan is surely to go on tagging my bets and track the progress for at least another year and see how I can make even more money on this betting thing.

To summarize, the two most used stats by me, by far, is the ROI section, the tags section and the tipsters section. I’m aware that this is only the beginning and that keeps me motivated, making it worthwhile to keep using the service for a long time to come.

Expect lower stakes pre-game and max stakes bets in-game.

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