More games than ever

The last few days we’ve been filling up our database with more games from more sports and more countries than ever before. We’re now storing data about almost every game you can find in football, ice hockey, tennis, golf, baseball and a few other sports from basically every country there is on out planet.

This makes it even easier than ever before to register your bets, since we can help you populate the form while you’re registering every bet. Right now we can auto-fill teams, date, time, sport and odds for you, to name a few fields. All you need to add (if you wish) is your notes, tags and the stake (because unfortunately we’re not smart enough to figure that out – yet 😉 ).


We have also made it even easier to select what you’re betting on in the Bet field, by making the suggestion engine smarter and faster than before, so picking a bet should hopefully be a breeze by now.


Now, if there still is games that you can’t find, just tell us and we’ll try to add it. Otherwise, feel free to keep pumping in those bets.

Good luck and happy betting!

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