More stats on your blog

We know many of you have your own blog where you share your tips and bets, so we wanted to make it even easier for you to show your bets from So we made a small widget you can use to share your ROI for the latest month right on your blog with the help of a short code snippet.
Copy and paste these lines on to your blog and enter your alias and the height you want the widget to have in the code and you’re good to go. The width will be adjusted automatically.

init_widget(“your_bettings_alias”, 500)

Use the code below if you want to show the stats for the last year (updated Sept 8th 2014).

init_widget(“your_bettings_alias”, 500)

As always, let us know if you have any questions.
By the way, you haven’t missed that there’s a WordPress widget available if you’re running a WordPress blog, have you?

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