Bets as RSS

We’ve just made it even easier to share your bets with other people by letting you subscribe to bets from all users at via RSS (except those who have chosen to be private of course). On the bets page for each user, there’s now an RSS link that let’s you do this.


How to subscribe

RSS is a protocol that notifies you every time a page is updated and there’s a number of way you can use it. Depending on your machine and preferences you can either click the link and select what program you want to use for the subscription – this could be your web browser or a standalone RSS reader. Often this is done automatically. For example, Firefox let’s you subscribe right in the browser.


You can also right-click and copy the link and paste in in to your favorite program. The link should look something like this:


Now will let you know as soon as the user you subscribe to has registered a new bet, so you wont miss a thing.

As always, if there’s any questions just hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Happy betting!

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