Our latest addition to Bettin.gs is tagging of bets. For each bet you register, you can choose to tag it with something that represent that bet or that type of bet, or basically whatever you find meaningful. You can add as many tags as you like to a bet, and you can tag historic as well as new bet.

What does this mean?

More than giving the bets extra meaning, this also provides for far more useful stats. For example, you can choose to see all bets tagged with “football”, “premierleague” or “NHL” to track your progress in those leagues. Or you can combine them – let’s say if you want to see stats for all your live bets in NHL this year, so you filter the stats on the tags “live”, “NHL” and “2014”. Provided you have tagged your bets accordingly, you can see as detailed stats as you like. It’s up to you. You want to keep sports and years separated? Just tag them as you like!

We’ve tried to make tagging as easy as we possibly could, so as you start using tags, Bettin.gs suggests and auto-completes tags you’ve used before so there’s a minimal risk of redundant or misspelled tags. Entering tags should be super-easy.

We hope you enjoy our latest update. Send all questions and suggestions to us at the usual social places!

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