The latest update to is one of your most requested ones – the possibility to register multiple bets, also known as parlays.

We’ve tried to make it as easy and obvious as possible to register, so all you need to do is to mark your new bet as a multiple when registering.


After that, you can continue to add as many bets as you like to the multiple. All bets you add will be visible in the list below. The odds for the multiple will be automatically calculated, so all you need to enter is the stake for the multiple and, if you want to, the bookie. When you’re done, just push the button to add the multiple and voilá, you’re done.


Naturally, the stats will be based on the multiple and not the individual bets, but you can still see and change the information about those as well. That’s just for information though, and doesn’t affect the stats.


We will finetune this functionality over the next few days and would love your feedback. We’re on Twitter, Facebook and email as always. Enjoy!

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