The future of

For the last few days, we’ve been working on smaller improvements on the site to make sure it works as planned. This is things like bug fixes and design tweaks, but also some new functionality, such as

  • Improved statistics – it’s now possible to see the accumulated ROI and profit. You can also filter to see stats for last month and last year, which might be convenient in a few months
  • Better social integration. It’s really easy to share your bets to Twitter and Facebook, also after a bet is made. You can  share someone else’s bet on too, like on
  • We’ve also put som small ads on the site. We hope they won’t be in the way. It’s our way of making sure we can keep the service alive for a long, long time.


This is what we have on the agenda in the future for, other than continuos improvements:

  • Multiple bets. is optimized for single bets today, but we plan to make it possible to add multiples.
  • Multiple sportsbooks. We know many of you have several sportsbooks, for example one for each sport, one for live games etc. We’re thinking about adding this feature, or solve it in some other way, maybe tagging bets.
  • Automatic correction of bets. We think it’s unnecessary that you should need to update the stats yourself. We all know the result anyway, right? So does the Internet so we might as well update the status for you so you don’t have to.
  • A better onboarding experience. We want to make it 100% clear what the service is and what is does for you.
  • Other fixes, like locking a bet for future changes, re-bet another players bet, follow another player and even more stats.

The most important question is: what would you want from It’s still early and you have all the possibilities to make a difference here. Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook if you have an idea!

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