A short intro to Bettin.gs

Over a 100 people came to see what was going on on the first day of opening our site. Many of them wanted a little tour of what all the fuzz really is about, so here we go. A short intro.

Bettin.gs is a tool that helps you follow up on your bets and see where you’re doing well and where you can improve. It helps you find out which bookies you win the most at and what sports are giving you the best in return. All that, plus see your profits and ROI day by day and more.


We’re planning to develop the stats section all the time, so please let us know what you’d like to see there.

For the stats to work, it needs some data, and that data are your bets. Registering your bets and their result is super easy. We’ve got loads of information about the games already so registering your bets should be a breeze. Just go to the bets section and try it out.


After the bet is settled, you just need to update its’ status (automating this step is on our to do list).

That’s all basically, but don’t forget that you can connect your account to Twitter and Facebook and share all your betting success and tips with your friends. All bets also have a comment section below so if you have anything  to say about it (and yes, you can choose to keep your Bettin.gs profile private if you like).

Enjoy Bettin.gs! And you can always find us on Twitter or Facebook.

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